07: Remote engagement

Remote engagement, also sometimes called Teledetailing, is when a rep-HCP interaction take place by telephone and internet connection, rather than in person. This saves on travel time on the part of a rep, and also often leads to longer, more fulfilling interactions with physicians.
Physicians are already used to using Skype and Facetime for personal interaction – and telehealth is a quickly growing phenomena. Why should pharma not use the tools which their customers are already accustomed to?

- Teledetailing is a cost efficient way to extend reach
- There are different models for deployment – with different pro’s and con’s
- Culture change of the rep is as important as the technology itself.
- HCP’s spend longer in remote detailing calls than normal face to face calls – and find them more impactful

What you will learn in this course?

- Understand the different remote engagement strategies.
- Discuss pros and cons of different business models.
- Get practical tips for implementation.
- Know how to measure impact.

Completing a single course (incl. the knowledge assessment quiz) will take about 60 minutes.

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