08: Tablet detailing

Tablet detailing is the most digital tactic pharma companies are most likely to have implemented – with 75% of all companies rating this as a standard tactic. However, after the first wave of (mostly) iPads (where the novelty of the device made a splash), physicians now do not differentiate – or in fact may find them annoying.
This need not be so. Tablet detailing can be an incredibly powerful channel is implemented correctly.

- Tablet detailing is much used but little appreciated by physicians
- It’s easy to overburden sales reps leading to sub optimal engagements
- When tablets are used, then they need to make full use of their functionality
- Tablets can be a powerful first step in developing a Closed Loop Marketing Strategy

What you will learn in this course?

- Understand the added value of tablet detailing
- Learn how to customize your detail aids
- Gain insights into how to structure the flow optimize content

Completing a single course (incl. the knowledge assessment quiz) will take about 60 minutes.

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