10: eMedical

Marketing and Sales functions within pharma organisations have often been very fast to adopt digital tools for engaging with customers – however it is often Medical which could benefit most. Traditional methods for engagement, such as symposia and conferences, have become more challenging due to heightened expectations of ‘always-on’ medical education, as well as growing compliance and cost burdens. The ability of digital to fill this gap is significant – and it is often also preferred by HCPs.

- The educational needs of HCPs are changing, at the same time traditional meded tools are being blunted by cost and compliance
- HCPs are more often to engage with meded outside of office hours – however these tools have often focussed on this time
- The assumption of ‘always-on’ physicians are not being met by in person or off-line approaches
- E-MSLs are very well received by physicians who want specific and actionable information on products – at a time of their choosing

What you will learn in this course?

- To understand the role of medical across the Product Life Cycle
- Gain insights into the changing medical preferences of HCPs
- Learn about impactful eMedical tactics
- Be able to offer medical content which stands out from the crowd
- And lastly, know how to measure the impact from of your eMedical programmes

Completing a single course (incl. the knowledge assessment quiz) will take about 60 minutes.

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