12: Analytics and Impact Measurement

‘Mad Men’ style decision making is gone forever. There should be very little guesswork in the development of content, and the channels used, to reach existing and new customers. Digital tools generate huge swathes of data, enabling deep and meaningful segmentation of customers – but only if this data is collected, managed and analysed appropriately. However, with insufficient understanding of the processes and tools being used – you cannot be certain that you have reached the correct conclusions.

- Everything done online and in the digital space can be tracked
- Aggregating and analysing these data flows can massively increase the power of your segmentation and tailoring frameworks
- However, building models using incorrect assumptions can lead to potentially expensive mistakes
- KPI frameworks should include both quantitative analysis, as well as qualitative evaluation

What you will learn in this course?

- To get a more holistic view on multichannel impact measurement
- Learn how to make data actionable
- Learn how to use a framework for identifying appropriate multichannel KPI’s
- Identify the potential pitfalls of data analytics
- To get practical tips on how to start collecting meaningful data
- And lastly, gain insights on how to build an optimal multichannel campaign dashboard

Completing a single course (incl. the knowledge assessment quiz) will take about 60 minutes.

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  • Lesson 12: Analytics and Impact measurement
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  • NPS - Lesson 12: Analytics and Impact Measurement
How to receive a certification for this course
  • You must complete the test "Quiz - Lesson 12: Analytics and Impact measurement"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year