14: Agile Mix Planning

Varying message and channel for communicating with customers is not new; however, the rise of new digital channels has meant that it is easier than ever to increase the number of each, weaving a rich tapestry of communication with customers. However, relying on single channels in operation is still the norm in pharma, and planning for these activities has not moved on to this new world.

- Use dynamic planning to bring about innovative, delightful marketing campaigns
- Develop frameworks to allow for adaptable communication
- Prioritize channels according to best-practice for speed and impact
- Understand how agile can integrate into campaign planning

What you will learn in this course?

- Understand How to leverage a robust campaign planning framework
- Uncover the steps to MCM campaign success
- Learn the basics of the agile marketing methodology
- See the impact of campaign planning with built-in flexibility

Completing a single course (incl. the knowledge assessment quiz) will take about 60 minutes.

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Course details
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  • Lesson 14: Agile Mix Planning
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  • QUIZ - Lesson 14: Agile Mix Planning
  • NPS - Lesson 14: Agile Mix Planning
How to receive a certification for this course
  • You must complete the test "QUIZ - Lesson 14: Agile Mix Planning"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year